Anniversary Weekend in Seoul

Our first wedding anniversary came around last Sunday! 1 year of marriage means something different for everyone but for us it was:

  • canceling all our weekend stuff
  • train rides
  • long walks, some of the wild-goose variety
  • a visit to the foreign foods market (peep the haul, yo):

  • ALL THE FOODSsssssss which led to
  • intestinal distress (ah, romance)

and finally…

is my arm actually out of a socket? is it? IS IT?!
  • staying off all social media until we could get home and watch the Seahawks game (or, wherein I display major #Proverbs31 qualities)

The whole point of the weekend away was to think and do as little as possible but enjoy being together, which we accomplished thoroughly despite all the terrible things our relatively health-adjusted insides do to us when we stray from the Path of Green Juice and Daily Spinach, Amen. That means neither of us thought about the camera often enough to bother with nice pictures of anything. But here are a couple of other things from the weekend:

1. Super romantic date night:

bonus points if you can name what we're watching!
bonus points if you can name what we’re watching

2. The next day, as we attempt to repair the damage done by footlong subs, burgers, fries, pizza, and ice cream (consumed in roughly 14 hours). A study in contrasts:

Classy Nate
…….and Colleen.

That about sums it up.

Here’s to a whole year of Husband and Wife. Hot dang.

One thought on “Anniversary Weekend in Seoul

  1. You were watching “Friends.” I have almost never watched the show itself, but I must’ve watched whatever came after it, because I recognized the font on the screen. Is that as disturbing to you as it is to me?


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