On Sunday

This is The Boy.

hello Boy.
hello Boy.

We’ve been married since January 2014.

He’s the best.

He plays guitar like a dream and grins like a kid and runs like a total nut, but more than anything else, he loves to learn about Jesus. Wants to plant a church and preach, and study the Bible with all comers, forever and ever, amen.

Actually, wants to doesn’t catch it. Needs to is better.

For five years, since Jesus changed his life, since he moved to Korea with two weeks notice, he’s been learning and sharing and teaching and preaching the Word.

On Sunday, he preached in front of a church.

blurry, because using flash in church is NOT reverent.
blurry, because using flash in church is NOT reverent.

It’s incredible to see anyone doing what they were created to do, but this is something special. How God opened closed doors and answered unsaid prayers to make this possible. How the message came together in just two days. How open that Boy is to the Lord’s leading. And not to be biased, but it was good. I forgot he was my Boy while he was up there. He was just the messenger of grace to people needing truth.

On Sunday, the Boy preached his first sermon. Next Sunday, he preaches his second.

We are a thankful and humbled household this week.

Go here to listen, and here to keep track of future messages.

2 thoughts on “On Sunday

  1. i was like, is it creepy if i go listen to it?! and then i was like, whatever, she put it out there…not trying to stalk but you guys are way fun to know about.

    peace and blessings this week.

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