Ten Things Tuesday

Maybe I’ll do this every Tuesday and make it A Thing! WHO KNOWS.

Since I posted about vulnerability a few months ago, and also because I just saw a picture of a monkey on a blog I was reading, and also because I’m on a blogging for real kick these days, let’s do some deeper introduce-y get-to-know-you type stuff up in this piece.

(I know that 99% of my readership knows me basically all the way through already. BUT LET’S USE OUR IMAGINATIONS, READERSHIP.)

My usual method of blogging involves tipping my head over the keyboard and rattling out the random thoughts that bang around in here, so that’s what we’re about today.

This is sort of close to being one of those things that were super popular on the social medias like five years ago, where you ‘tag’ people to do whatever listicle thing you did. I never ever gave in to those because I enjoy disrupting social media expectations and also I was sticking it to my sister who ALWAYS TAGGED ME (love you, Booboo). Now I don’t care at all and no one’s tagged me in anything. Being principled pays off, kids. (this really doesn’t count as being principled, does it.)


Anyway, here we go.

  1. I do. not. like. monkeys. They are too close to being little humans with large teeth and no empathy. One of the most annoying things Ross Geller ever did (and that is a very long list as well as inspiration for a future blog series) was getting Marcel. This movie confirmed everything I’d ever suspected about monkeys. And while it is true that Curious George is a cute little animated stinker, I would never want to hang out with him.
  2. I do. like. elephants. I like them a very very very much. In fact if I could be an animal, I’d be an elephant. Matriarchal, family-oriented, big-boned, water-loving. Duh. I fell in love with them when I visited Zambia in 2009.
    Heffalump 1 4817_531216281942_5982721_nThe one up top is Howard and this one waving hasn’t got a name. Just a lone heffalump in the sunset.
    I mean, come on.
  3. Pet peeve:  people who describe their pets as ‘furbabies.’ That word. I could hardly type it. Ugh. Just. Don’t.
    (for my best beloveds who (sadly) use this word, this pet peeve should reflect the great love wherewith I love them).
    (Also, this list is getting weirdly animal-centric.)
  4. Nate and I picked out baby names on our honeymoon.  A decision following a conversation wherein we realized we agreed on zero hypothetical baby names. We finally got a list down, boys and girls, firsts and middles. The only problem is that I have a small but very real dread that my baby-full facebook feed will suddenly ambush me with all of our picks on other people’s babies. The NERVE.
  5. My middle name is Hope, and I used to hate it, but now I love it.
  6. Living in Korea has made me a huge fan of sharing food in restaurants. It’s only good sense to order a bunch of different stuff so that everyone can try things. Right? Americans? *crickets*
  7. The person in the world with whom I most eerily instantaneously clicked without any real basis for doing so is my friend Nancy in Australia.  Back then she was Nancy in the dorm elevator. Now she’s Nancy in Australia. I’m Very Very VERY glad we inexplicably clicked. Over poetry, Eloise at the Plaza references, and goodness only knows what else. Aviator sunglasses, probs.

    Christmas in Brisbane, 2011, with my fabulous feathered-hair friend. #RIPshorthair
  8. Favorite words: Thwart, Askew, Various nautical phrases (jib boom! hard-a-larboard! etc.), Wry, Merry, Splendor, Trivet…I could go on with this one for days and days and days.
  9. I can’t wear jewelry. I wear a necklace that my mom gave me forever ago (you can see it in the picture with Nancy): the pendant says ‘hope’ and the chain…well I’ve been through a few and the current iteration was a birthday gift from Nate while we were dating.  I never take that off, and I wear my wedding/engagement rings. I try to wear other stuff, especially because I have aunts and sisters and friends who love wearing, making, giving, selling, buying, wholesale distributing the stuff–but I just can’t maintain it. Either it breaks or it distracts me all day or I get overwhelmed with all the choices. I have a hard enough time with putting together the legally-required clothing items.
  10. Favorite way to waste time these days is obsessively watching Youtube beauty vloggers. British ones, to boot. There’s no reason for this because I don’t buy makeup often and don’t change my routine often, and also I am not in Britain, but…I’M A GIRL AND I LIKE PRETTY THINGS.

Not bad for a beginning. Let’s see where we end up next week.

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