Laser eyes

PSA: Glasses are not cool.

Were not cool, I should say. The hipsters have taken them and now even people who have never ever squinted or had to change seats in grade school to be closer to the board are sporting thick frames and pretending that reading is their fav. LATE TO THE GAME, HIPSTERS. Where was your irony when I was in seventh grade and looked like this:

look at those cherubic, glasses-less siblings.
look at those cherubic, glasses-less siblings.


I have a long history with glasses because I have 1. predisposed genetics and 2. a terrible habit of reading after bedtime by the light of my closet. Nothing so sophisticated as a flashlight under the covers for me. I wore so many pairs, broke so many pairs. Lost a pair in the ocean once.  Rude.

Glasses are cool now, but know what’s cooler?

Lasers. And, affordable health care. Both of which are plentiful here.

That’s right, kids. Come Friday, I’ll be saying buh-bye to glasses.

Unless I decide to follow the hipsters and get a pair of empty frames, because fashion.

(a little bit of a disclaimer, because the poor person in me is aghast at the expense: first, getting lasik now will save a LOT of money in the long run for contacts, solution, glasses, checkups, et al. Second, this procedure in Korea is just as safe and a zillion times cheaper than in the States. Yes. A zillion. One zillion. I did the math.)

I have always dreamed of waking up in the morning, and–seeing. No strain, no fumbling for glasses or stumbling to pop in lenses. SO weird to think it’s just a few days away.  I’ve had the idea to get this done since I moved to Korea. Now that I’m on vacation, I’ve got the time to recover without worrying about juggling work. I asked our friend at church, a retired eye surgeon, for a recommendation, and he set me up that week with an appointment.

Initial checkups have shown that my eyes are stable (though dry) and I’ve met my doctor and primary nurse. They’re both wonderful and I’m totally comfortable with them. The procedure is on Friday, and the recovery time is just a few days resting m’peepers at home.

The future is bright, people. And crisp, and well-defined. Let’s do this! I’m totally not panicking.

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