Ten Things Tuesday #2

I would love to have a theme for these every week, but nope nope nope, Colleen Hope McMahon Pagaard does not do themes. The most I can strive for is ‘weekly’ which seems a big enough bite for me.

  1. THIS VIDEO. OMGOMGOMG. If you pay attention to nothing else on this list, watch this video. I mean…are we serious, America? I still laugh, and internally weep a leetle bit, when I think about it–and it’s been at least four days since I first saw it, which in Internet time is twelve million eons.
  2. The Saturday is Valentine’s Day! I have thoughts about Valentine’s which I’ll post later this week, but for now, the approach of Feb. 14 means one thing: it’s time to make THESE again. (I heart Deb from Smitten Kitchen so much, I’ve read every post on her site, and bookmarked at least 40% of them).
  3. I’ll be posting soon about my experience with Lasik surgery here in South Korea, but for now: I CAN SEE! (through the serial killer eye guards I wear to bed for the next two weeks. Envy Nathan, world.)

    the tears are artificial, the feelings are REAL
    the tears are artificial, the feelings are REAL
  4. Maybe it’s the late-winter blues but I’ve been craving crunchy, crisp, green green green salads like nobody’s bidness. I twisted up this recipe (from Jen Hatmaker), subbing a seeds-and-nuts mix for the ramen and almonds, broccoli for green onions, and threw in some whole-dried cranberries and a chicken breast for kicks. For the dressing, I cut back on the sugar, subbed olive oil for canola and tossed in a spoonful of dijon mustard.
    Of course I didn’t take a picture. that would have been reasonable and a good idea and this is not where anyone comes for those.
  5. Currently listening to: Lord of the Rings Unabridged Audiobooks. I got them seven years ago in university and they’ve been lurking on a hard drive ever since. No screen time while the eyes healed up = enter Frodo and friends.  Rob Inglis’s 1990 version is stupid good, and loooooooong. I’ve been listening on and off for three days and they JUST got to Rivendell.
  6. Currently soaking up the last few weeks of vacation before going back to the last semester of my super-unbelievably-life isn’t fair-great job. Celebrating this with lots of sleeping until 9am, leisurely jogs, and scheduling Friend Time ‘whenever’s good for you, no problem.’ I LOVE being easygoing.
  7. Currently reading/archive stalking: Sara. Haven’t gotten my grubby paws on her book yet…but it’s on my list.
  8. I am doing a chronological read-the-Bible-in-1-year plan from YouVersion, and I’m in Numbers. I would love to have a mind-blowing, amazing insight for you…but I don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever just read Leviticus though, and that was pretty great. Mostly, I’m appreciating the consistency of just sitting down and eating up chunks of the Word at a time, rather than my usual habit of picking through.
  9. I’m on the hunt for a collection of Korean snacks this week (not to shove in my face. except for a sampling. for reasons of quality control. stop looking at me!) and so far I can’t stop eating tteokbokki chips:

    nom. (via)
  10. Living overseas means I can’t watch award shows or sporting events along with everyone else…but I’ve found I’m far more entertained by just following the ridiculousness on Twitter.  (Grammys, I’m talkin’ bout you.)

I was a little worried I have trubs finishing this, but it turned out to be a lot smoother than I’d feared. Hooray for week 2! If I make it next week I’ll have a streak going.

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