it’s Valentimes!

This video, my first Valentine. always and forever.

When I moved to Korea, before I met Nate, and thanks to my Life Hero Ms. Knope, my lady frands and coworkers and I threw Galentine’s Day.


We didn’t eat frittatas and say empowering things, but we took up too much room in a cafe and traded weird Konglish greeting cards and (duh) chocolates, and took turns saying lovely true things about each other. Loved it.

I was personally late to the Valentine’s game: my first experiences with it were in university and 1000% platonic, but that didn’t make it less meaningful. I love Valentine’s Day. Oversaturation of the chocolate market? Check. License to spread love and goodwill and appreciation? Check. Flowers in the middle of winter? Check. Yearly I hear the droning of the Buzzkills with their cynicism and ‘singles awareness day’ and to them I say: put down the Haterade and try sipping something sweeter, like these things:



(with free prints!)
(with free prints!)

If you can send one of these, or even look at them, and still be grumpy about V-day, then I do not understand you.

The Boy and I never had a dating Valentine’s (since we met in March 2013 and married January 2014. #lockitup) and though we are all about oversaturation of the chocolate market and telling people they are loved, this year we’re gonna do a Nu Thang:

Palentine’s Day!!!

We’re double-dating this V-day with our buds Matt and Kelly: a nice dinner followed by a viewing of the most recent train wreck episode of The Bachelor.  And after we watch it, we’ll update our brackets for next week.  Yes. Brackets. It’s our way of sticking it to the man. The super boring, always-drunk man. Ugh.

Whatever your specific take on Valentine’s Day, I hope you lovely people have a warm and delightful February 14th. I hope you are reminded all day long that you’re valuable and that you are loved, no matter your relationships….and maybe that will prevent some of you from ever going on the Bachelor.

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