Winter Blues and Disinclination

I’ve been cheated out of a brutal, frigid, snowy, slushy nightmare winter and I’d like to know to whom I can address the strongly worded letter I’ve composed on the subject.

We haven’t had any Weather, to speak of.

Every day starts and ends of course and the atmospheric conditions adjust and wobble about, but we’re not having Weather, not anything you could be in at all.

Last Saturday it rained, or rather spritzed and misted, for most of the day, and like all Saturdays we were on the go. of course without umbrellas. But I loved it, because it was something and not the sort of nothing weather we’ve had for weeks now.

No snow or rain. Not really sunny or sharp or crisp. Hazy, sometimes, approaching dull. Overcast, but not gloomy or menacing. Sometimes cold but otherwise merely chilly. Weak.

At the end of fall I was bracing myself for the bitter Korean winter, and even looking forward to it, skimpy on the snow and heavy on the biting wind as it usually is, because, I told myself, when are you going to have a winter like this again? (Currier and Ives were not based out of Oakland.)

I spoke a bit soon, I guess. It hasn’t even been really cold– except for at around 2am most nights. We’ve turned our heat on maybe twice? and that was to dry laundry. This to say, I know, East Coast Americans, that you’re suffering. But remember you are also living my dream right now.

Silver lining: I don’t have to experience Koreans attempting to drive in the snow. #mercy

It’s Friday evening (chilly, not freezing) and I’m the only person in the cafe besides the barista. V. dramatic K-ballads are the music du jour. Occasionally interrupted by ‘Call Me Maybe.’

I’m procrastinating getting my syllabi and lesson plans for next semester done. I ordered tea (Earl Grey) instead of a toffee nut latte…and feel like I deserve a cookie because of it.

I have a Very Cute Planner (it is mint green, and every month has a different Sort of Thing on the margins. March is robots. Also it is almost my name. My name, if I were French. #inmydreams) and my task tonight is to plot out my semester therein, and just in general to make sure all my ducks are in a row (an expression from my mother) for classes to start on Monday.

So far…the ducks are wandering far and wide. They show no inclination towards discipline.

Come along, duckies. Back to it.

how many ducks will fit in there anyway (image via)

One thought on “Winter Blues and Disinclination

  1. I am totally with you. All the snow pictures from around the US are breaking my heart. It even snowed in Oklahoma! Sad. And amen to the silver lining #cringe.


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