Ten Things Tuesday: Wednesday Edition

  1. Normally I draft my Ten Things Tuesday posts on Mondays. #secretsandlies #drama but seriously, it’s way easier to get a head start on it. TEN IS A LOT. Anyway…it’s the first week of school, and that has sapped my brains so that neither my Monday attempts nor my Tuesday attempts were worth anything at all.
  2. But on Tuesday, y’all, IT SNOWED. And it doesn’t even matter that it turned into rain in about 45 minutes, or that I accidentally wore shoes with holes in them and my socks were soaked through by the time I got home. It snowed. And all was right. So suck it, crappy Monday post drafting.
  3. School has started! and already I’ve raked one young gentleman over the coals. for catcalling. Sigh. He didn’t say anything particularly offensive and it was more embarrassing for him to get called out in front of all his friends. But someone has to tell a cocky uni kid that hollering after a foreign woman in a hallway isn’t an okay hobby to pursue. especially when she turns out to be your professor. Ugh. yay new semester!
  4. Like, come on, 19-year-old freshman. Really?!
  5. Currently wearing: comfy grey sweater and red penguined pj pants. Which are maybe 8 years old and have a wee tear on the right knee. They are slightly highwater, and hella faded. Why am I wearing these pants?
  6. So many reasons. A) I’m home from work for the day B) I was pantsless but it’s cold out C) I went to Olive Young for a new hairbrush and found these:

    and I ate the whole box. then I texted Nate because my stomach and my conscience were killing me.


    My first batch of student emails is in…post on the best of coming later this week.

  8. I wish I could beatbox.
  9. The new hairbrush I bought when I was waylaid by the toffee chocolate smells like wood varnish. Which somehow just makes me feel like that hairbrush is legit.
  10. I have a new hobby and it’s envying the sweaters of tv characters (current: Annie from marry me).

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