Ten Things Tuesday #8: the Awkward Edition

I’m not promising ten this week, okay? (It’s not really a question! ha!)

  1. Let’s start out with the fact that Abbey just made me take a mental trip down Memory Lane, with a left turn onto Awkward Interactions with Dudes Boulevard (which is actually a cul-de-sac). That would probably produce ten things all on its own…There was the Mormon with the peaches in a Tulsa Wal-mart, the boy whose (candy) heart I literally crushed in junior high, the rough dozen of Korean cab drivers…
  2. Someday I will tell you about the love letters I got from a Korean Gov’t official whom I taught briefly while at my first job in Korea. Today is not that day (but it included references to my ‘beautiful neck and pace.’)
  3. When I was in 8th grade at my tiny church-run private school, we had a German class because 1 high schooler wanted to actually learn German and a bunch of 8th graders chose between that and calligraphy. I chose German because I’M COOL and no, actually it was because I thought it was the right decision because I’d actually be learning something instead of mucking about with markers! (I was a real joy to be around. Real joy.) It was an audio tape class. We made up our own vocab lists every week and had to memorize various Scriptures in German. I retained nothing except for John 14.6. The point is, as an 8th grader I fully believed there was a right and wrong  choice between German and calligraphy. LESS FUN means RIGHT. And there you have youthful Colleen’s understanding of Life, summed up.
  4. When I was a particularly beefy high schooler and my Dad was the principal and high school teacher, he once compared me to Samson in a school chapel service. He meant it as a compliment to my physical prowess.
  5. This is what I looked like in high school.
    History Day
    History Day Regionals, 2004

    My mom made this dress and it was awesome, despite the p-o’d expression that I wore from approx. 11-17.

  6. Today a lady got up on the bus and I was closest to her seat so, like you do, I did the requisite pause and then swooped in for it. Her seatmate, a fellow-60 something-ajumma, said something to me in Korean and did not move her hand. So naturally I sat on her hand for a good 30 seconds until I realized her seatmate had just hopped up to the front of the bus to ask the driver a question. And she was coming back. I got up. Apologized. The stares burn me still.
  7. Seated in a booth of a restaurant for a post-Bible-study lunch with a bunch of 30+ Korean ladies, all of whom have known Nate longer than I have, without  Nate, one of them told me she had a question. “Go ahead!” I chirped. “Is the sex good?” …..
  8. Once in college I saw a person approaching with whom I did not wish to speak and I pretended to be on the phone and it rang just as they were in the Greeting Zone.
  9. Okay more than once.
  10. Once during a high school chapel service one of the kindergartners came running over asking to be picked up, tugging on my uniform kilt. Which he did not release when I obliged. And everyone saw my underwear. And this was during my ‘I do not smile unless I’m ruining someone with sarcasm’ phase, so TRIPLE DAMAGE.

You guys with this topic I just SAILED through to ten things. I could keep going but THE END.

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