Ten Things Tuesday: Creepin thru Bavaria

This week’s edition of the newly revived Ten Things Tuesday is dedicated to the fact that Nathan does not pay attention when I have a camera.

of course it is hard to pay attention when you’re asleep.

  1. Flight out of Korea to Russia.  Many emotions make a man sleepy.
  2. Admiring St. Michael’s in Munich, early on a Sunday morning.
  3. Peering out of our window in Hallstatt, Austria.
    IMG_0457(it looks like he’s pointing at me but he’s just mid-scroll on the Kindle.)
  4. Winding, green-arched, village streets are SO done, you guys.
  5. Sleepy and beardy in Southern Germany.
  6. Duesseldorf trams don’t make you sleepy, just pensive. (but I think he was going for thoughtful)
  7. Daydreaming at a Salzburg bus stop.
  8. Amsterdam, whatever, blah blah blah.
  9. I don’t sleep well in trains or planes or buses. Which is good because I am not this cute.
  10. I mean come ON.
    IMG_1205 - Copy

I hope I never stop sniping pictures of him. I hope he never stops falling asleep on my shoulder.
And he’s not too bad awake, either.

Ten Things Tuesday: the Brief Catch-up Edition in Sort-of Reverse Chronological Order

I didn’t plan to start blogging again on a Tuesday, but what luck that I did! List posts are the best sort of warm-up. Here’s the no-frills version of what we’ve been up to. Pictures and detailed posts on our summer adventures coming soon.


  1. We are in America now. We have the phone numbers to prove it.  Yesterday we went to Old Navy and I bought a pair of jeans, for the first time in about 5 years.
  2. Fall is here in the PNW, as the kids call it. For reasons unknown I am shocked by its arrival.
  3. We spent time in Connecticut with my family and hung out with my 2 year old nephew, who v casually claimed my entire heart and kept it with him there. Rude.
  4. Nate got ordained. I started calling him “Rev” as a joke but forgot to keep it going. Now it’s not even a thing.
  5. We went to Europe. I ate all the bread they had and we walked everywhere.
  6. Gelato.
  7. We went to a Bayern-Munich game. I got punched in the head. It was a lovely time.
  8. We visited two museums and liked one of them.
  9. I accidentally got invited to a Roma music and dance workshop. I discovered that I am not skilled in the art of Roma dance.
  10. We said goodbye to Korea.

It hasn’t yet sunk in that we’re here here, here as in regular life, as in we currently have no flights booked anywhere.  We’re figuring it out as we go, trusting that God called us here and is keeping us in his will.  Vacation has been amazing–and much needed– but I’m feeling ready for what’s Next.