Ten Things Tuesday: Limbo Edition

  1. Life in limbo is where we are: one part family time, one part future-planning, one part tv-bingeing, one part PNW-gazing. Seattle in the fall is no bad place to be in-between.
  2. I currently have about four different variations of my resume saved on my laptop. #jobsearchprobs
  3. Lucy the #sexistgoldenretriever went to puppy school on Sunday, and between that and us being here for two weeks, she’s basically our best friend now.
  4. My in-laws have at least four channels that show food-based programming at any given time.  It is very hard for me to get anything done.
  5. Currently re-reading: this classic. It’s making me think thoughts about what it means to be a pilgrim.
  6. Currently re-reading 2 (because limbo= time): this classic. It’s not making me think anything outside of how much I love her writing.
  7. Having a functioning American phone again is an adjustment. Still getting the hang of it. Which doesn’t make much sense since I had a phone in Korea. But it’s true.
  8. The minutiae of limbo: round after round of Phone Tag, Mailman Stakeout, Email Surprise, and Who Packed It?  It is at once frustrating and funny.
  9. Lucy just stole a tissue from the bathroom garbage can. I take back #3.
  10. The best part about limbo is that it gives you time for a different view of things.

Like this:



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