Ten Things Tuesday after a year and a half

  1. This blog title is a lie. We lived in South Korea when we got married and the paperwork would have been too much of a hassle, so the only place I am Colleen Pagaard is on social media and I guess here on this blog. Every time my mother-in-law is reminded of this she worries a little that we somehow aren’t actually married.
  2. This blog title is doubly a lie because there is no “are.” A truer name might be “A Pagaard Household Inhabitant Who Retained Her Maiden Name Is Blogging.” (but then isn’t it also trebly a lie, since I haven’t blogged for a year and a half?)
  3. I haven’t blogged for 1.5 years for a number of reasons. Here are some I can think of right this second. I’m habitually inconsistent as a writer, diarist, recorder of thoughts. Too much of our two-year transition from Korea life has been inconstant and changing and personal for me to want to talk about it. Writing is hard and I don’t like to practice. Adulthood has changed me and changed my voice and I haven’t figured out what my voice is these days. (that’s 4 reasons.)
  4. We are house and dogsitting all summer. My only understanding of dogs prior to living in Washington was what I gleaned from pop culture and reading, which told me that dogs always understood you and were loyal and wonderful and possibly psychic but also lovably mischievous. This is misinformation. They are expensive, cute, lovable, and terribly inconvenient, but they are not even a little psychic.
  5. Last week I accepted a job offer to teach high school at a local Christian school come fall and I am pretty anxious about it. I haven’t taught in a classroom in 2 years, and I haven’t properly taught in a high school classroom ever. Nate got me some Teacher Pens and I am clinging to them as though the possession of them gives me legitimacy. Which it absolutely does.
  6. I actively daydream about participating in American Ninja Warrior and I have a more than passing interest in learning judo or jiujitsu. MAYBE this fall I’ll take a class!
  7. Last week, for the second time in my life, I did a juice fast/cleanse/reboot, and for the first time I kind of enjoyed it.
  8. Not as much as I enjoyed the sushi on Sunday to break the fast. God bless you, Japanese food.
  9. I’m 30 years old and the juice fast was part of turning 30. I had vague, half-formed ideas about doing a cool #30by30 sort of deal but 1. I’m not organized enough for that and 2. I’m too lazy for that. But I did want to start my 30s with purpose: hence, juice fast. I also deleted Instagram off my phone for a week. It was great. I think I’ll delete it off my phone more often.
  10. I went in to the juice reboot with a few specific prayer goals in mind: to dedicate this coming decade to the Lord, and to seek God for a kind of mental/spiritual/physical reset for my relationship with food, among other things. Time will tell how last week will impact future weeks.

Right now we are in a haze of school prep and the (what feels like) interminable housing shuffle. Praise God for a summer of free rent, and praise God that soon we will have a place to call our own again!