The Nanny Diaries

This week I spent two days playing Mary Poppins to the wee ManChild, 3-month wonder belonging to Christi and Trae.  We went to the same university in the States, and they came to Korea a year ago to work at the English Village where I used to work, and we go to church together in Daegu! Christi’s just finished up her maternity leave (yeah, that’s right, in South Korea moms get THREE MONTHS, get with it, America) and her scheduled baby care ran into some probs. As I’m still on my oh-so-luxurious university teaching schedule, I am filling in while they go to work.

(I am not even a little being sarcastic about that luxurious schedule. I get a full summer vacation. I am well aware that this is the best/easiest job I will ever have. I wish I could take this job with me to San Francisco next year.)

Wee Judah and I spent Wednesday hanging in the dormitories at the English Village. Oh, the English Village. Working there, like so many overseas jobs, was an exercise in adjusting to constant drastic changes. Not an aspect of the job I miss.  A bit weird to be back, but having the Lil Man there (and not having to work!) made it way better. We stayed in the air-conditioned dorms on our eat, play, sleep schedule.

Eat, Play, Sleep: the book I would a thousand times rather read than Eat, Pray, Love.

Bonus: the sweet cafeteria lady remembered me! And that just about made my day. Although she did think that I was there with MY baby, which, nope.

Baby Judah has a pretty reliable routine and he’s very observant. Here’s what I learned about him over our 2 days:


  • Eating
  • Scrunching his knees in so his butt’s in the air when he sleeps
  • Facing outward
  • Being outside
  • Doing bicycle legs
  • Weird noises made with the tongue in a range of pitches
  • Drooling on stuff
  • His parents


  • Getting off Schedule
  • Going to sleep
  • Waking up from sleep
  • Accidentally waking up mid-nap and thinking he’s done sleeping
  • Finishing a meal
  • Facing in (looking over my shoulder whilst being carried)
  • When things he tries to drink from aren’t boobs or bottles
  • Not his parents

Oh man. This kid. My favorite is when he screws up his little Winston-Churchill doppelganger face and busts out his gummy grin. Laid back, only fusses when he means it, full of energy, loves to be walked outside. If there were ever a perfect match between parents and kids, this lil guy is it. He’s going to have such great adventures with his folks.

Over the past two days we had giggles, sobs, snuggles, tiny hilarious sneezes, no major poop incidents, and twice he farted himself angrily awake. We’re marking this a big win.

IMG_1071 IMG_1072

LOOK AT THAT BABAY. Hashtag thigh rolls.

Judah, thanks for an awesome two days!