Let’s do this

Here we are blogging! In a shiny new space.

Greetings, internet strangers and non-strangers alike. First posts are always weird so we’ll keep this short. Check out the About page to get to know us (Colleen and Nate). Just a few points to note:

  • Colleen is the one writing. Hi. Daily life update-y communiques are my forte.
  • Nate and I are working on another site, which isn’t quite ready yet but which I’ll post about as soon as it’s up and running! We’re very excited about this for so many reasons which I’ll detail in another post, but, essentially, the devotional material Nate has been developing for the past few years will be up and online soon!
  • We are just entering our final year living in South Korea. A year from now we’ll be living in or near San Francisco, California! So I will be trying to capture the fun stuff from our final year in Korea and why we’ve loved it so much here for the past few years. Then, you’ll get to come along with the madness that is trusting God with a total uprooting move next year!
  • My goal for this blog is to be vulnerable, faithful, and open. This means that I’m going to talk about more than just sarcastic or snarky things, and more than just impassioned rant things. (hello, old blog.) This avenue of communication, like every other aspect of my life, belongs to Christ. And like every other part of life, it’s a work in progress, as I grow and trip and fail and keep going. This point is for me…because I know I’m going to need this reminder. I’m going to need to look back to this point, where I’m very sure that openness is necessary, and showing my faults and errors is part of growing in grace. Because no matter how badly I fail, Jesus is more than a match for my mess.
  • Amen. I lied about keeping it short. Amen.