Ten Things Tuesday #7

  1. Old News Alert: I cut my hair. I can’t figure out how to make my instagram embed properly here, so if you haven’t seen it, click!
  2. It’s pouring rain but I made it back from the coffeeshop before the rain started! And now I’m safe indoors without pants listening to the first Big Spring Rain. Best!
  3. Somehow midterms week is nearly here already!!! Bring on the grading. And the student excuses. Hundreds of relatives will die, thousands of doctor’s signatures will be misappropriated. Jk. but really.
  4. This blog should be called ‘The Pagaards are Coughing’ because we get sick so much. The ACV let us down big, y’all. Bronchitis big. The midnight coughing spasms have mostly gone away and I taught classes today without whispering, squeaking, or squawking, for the first time in about two weeks.
  5. Last week we had the privilege of showing some out-of-town friends around our favorite Daegu spots. I’m gonna blog all about that later this week but: waffles, jazz bar, pig candy.
  6. (When I say ‘I’m gonna blog about that later this week’…on a scale from 1 to nope, how doubtful is it that I actually deliver on that?)
  7. I have a little ritual with my daily Bloglovin check, wherein I scroll through the feed and click open every post I want to read all at once before I move on to start reading them all, which means I normally end up with a dozen open tabs all at once. Actually that’s just how I Internet in general and it makes Nate twitch.
  8. THE BEST thing that ever happens when I check Bloglovin is:
    when Kara posts True stories. They make me laugh like nothing else. They make Nate laugh like nothing else. Kara’s writing is beautiful anyway, and when she’s reporting the little moments of life with a sweet, hilarious little lady…it doesn’t get better than that. I can’t wait til Evan starts talking…
  9. Does anyone have music recommendations? Since Spring is being all boisterous and bloomy, I’m feeling the itch for new tunes. I’m surviving on old standby playlists, but it’s hard to keep up from over here.
  10. And I took a picture of the cherry tree at work today:

    it's prettier than this makes it out to be.
    it’s prettier than this makes it out to be.

Ten Things Tuesday #4


  1. Last week of vacation has so far seen two mornings at the tax office. Hooray?
  2. I’ve been craving a haircut for about six months and am juuuust shy of hacking at it myself. We’ll see… (in the meantime, what do you guys think? Pixie again? Lob? the ajumma perm?)
  3. Operation Sugarless was utterly derailed by the holiday weekend…and by the cherry crumble I baked for Nate last night…and by the slice of pecan tart So Young and I shared to fortify ourselves for the tax office this morning (so you see it was necessary). I hold out high hopes for tomorrow.
  4. Themes that keep cropping up this week: consecration. praying big. taxes.
  5. There are a few movies that I only ever stumble across on TV during a routine channel-flip, and they always make me stay: Indiana Jones (Raiders), A Few Good Men, Demolition Man. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Thank you for playing ‘Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid.’ Enhance your calm, John Spartan.
  6. ps. people in old movies move their heads SO MUCH when they kiss.  Why. Why is this. Is that how all old-timey directors thought people kissed? Did they not strain their necks? Am I doing something wrong? Are all of us? Food for thought, people.
  7. Currently watching: This dude, and dreaming of what might be this summer. Of note: my 5th grade teacher used to play some of his videos for us, because culture and history and all, but we wretched ingrates objected to his pleated pants and general unhipness. How the bratty have fallen.
  8. Currently listening to: This lady, as we’ve just finished Ken Burns’ Jazz.
  9. Mobile Word Ministry has a sermon video page! Next on the purchase list: a video camera that doesn’t automatically cut off at 20 minutes. #amen
  10. About eating healthy: Last night’s dinner was tuna, raw onion, cherry tomatoes, and pan-seared brussels sprouts with salt, pepper, lemon, and olive oil. My breath could punch you.

Look out, world.