Ten Things Tuesday: Creepin thru Bavaria

This week’s edition of the newly revived Ten Things Tuesday is dedicated to the fact that Nathan does not pay attention when I have a camera.

of course it is hard to pay attention when you’re asleep.

  1. Flight out of Korea to Russia.  Many emotions make a man sleepy.
  2. Admiring St. Michael’s in Munich, early on a Sunday morning.
  3. Peering out of our window in Hallstatt, Austria.
    IMG_0457(it looks like he’s pointing at me but he’s just mid-scroll on the Kindle.)
  4. Winding, green-arched, village streets are SO done, you guys.
  5. Sleepy and beardy in Southern Germany.
  6. Duesseldorf trams don’t make you sleepy, just pensive. (but I think he was going for thoughtful)
  7. Daydreaming at a Salzburg bus stop.
  8. Amsterdam, whatever, blah blah blah.
  9. I don’t sleep well in trains or planes or buses. Which is good because I am not this cute.
  10. I mean come ON.
    IMG_1205 - Copy

I hope I never stop sniping pictures of him. I hope he never stops falling asleep on my shoulder.
And he’s not too bad awake, either.

Two Years Ago

Pits. (1.75 years ago. 1 day before engagement.)

Two years ago…

Your friend Kevin leaned over and shouted above the music, “It’s his birthday today, y’know!” You hadn’t told anyone.

Two years ago…

You were just the guitarist who was magically not a jerk like I assumed you would be. (In my defense…guitarists.)

Two years ago…

The other band members were having such a good time drinking, and the crowd was so sparse we were an hour late to start our set.


Two years ago…

You were wearing your giant khaki shorts and a Tshirt. When you started talking it was easy to recognize Jesus in you. What I didn’t recognize that night, I’ve been abundantly blessed to see unfold nearly every day since.


Two years ago you were in my phone as Friend Music Nate.  We swapped testimonies and talked about the Church and the Word until the guys were ready to play.

Two years ago we sang ‘Happy birthday to you’ as a surprise after the second set. You smiled and shook your head because the attention was silly to you and a little embarrassing.


Two years ago I went home alone, grateful for a fun night and for finding a new brother in Christ right under my nose.

Two years ago your birthday gave me the best gift of my life.

Happy 31st, Friend Music Nate.