Ten Things Tuesday #4


  1. Last week of vacation has so far seen two mornings at the tax office. Hooray?
  2. I’ve been craving a haircut for about six months and am juuuust shy of hacking at it myself. We’ll see… (in the meantime, what do you guys think? Pixie again? Lob? the ajumma perm?)
  3. Operation Sugarless was utterly derailed by the holiday weekend…and by the cherry crumble I baked for Nate last night…and by the slice of pecan tart So Young and I shared to fortify ourselves for the tax office this morning (so you see it was necessary). I hold out high hopes for tomorrow.
  4. Themes that keep cropping up this week: consecration. praying big. taxes.
  5. There are a few movies that I only ever stumble across on TV during a routine channel-flip, and they always make me stay: Indiana Jones (Raiders), A Few Good Men, Demolition Man. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. Thank you for playing ‘Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid.’ Enhance your calm, John Spartan.
  6. ps. people in old movies move their heads SO MUCH when they kiss.  Why. Why is this. Is that how all old-timey directors thought people kissed? Did they not strain their necks? Am I doing something wrong? Are all of us? Food for thought, people.
  7. Currently watching: This dude, and dreaming of what might be this summer. Of note: my 5th grade teacher used to play some of his videos for us, because culture and history and all, but we wretched ingrates objected to his pleated pants and general unhipness. How the bratty have fallen.
  8. Currently listening to: This lady, as we’ve just finished Ken Burns’ Jazz.
  9. Mobile Word Ministry has a sermon video page! Next on the purchase list: a video camera that doesn’t automatically cut off at 20 minutes. #amen
  10. About eating healthy: Last night’s dinner was tuna, raw onion, cherry tomatoes, and pan-seared brussels sprouts with salt, pepper, lemon, and olive oil. My breath could punch you.

Look out, world.